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Recover Keys

Recover Keys is an application that can find your serial numbers
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Recover Keys is an application that can find your serial numbers. It can scan your computer and find files that have the serial numbers of applications that you have installed on your system. It can also detect the serial number of your operating system.

An application like this is useful for when you have lost these serial numbers and need them for some reason. Recover Keys can scan your computer and find those serial numbers or it can scan computers on your home network. You can either scan a single computer on your home network or specify an IP range, and all the computers within that range will be scanned. Most PCs won't divulge this information unless you have Administrator access, and you can input your credentials in this app to gain that access level.

In my testing, Recover Keys showed me two programs that it could detect serial numbers for. However, given the limitations of the trial version, the application didn't tell me the serial numbers. So I can't vouch for it at all. The network scan was good, and given the right access, the app successfully scanned remote computers, with the same limitations as the local one.

José Fernández
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  • It can scan individual PCs locally or over the network, and IP ranges


  • The trial version doesn't show any part of the serials, so it's hard to assess whether the application will work for you or not
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